Pyro's Paradise Bundle

Pyro's Paradise Bundle

Outdoor Element
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Embrace the art of fire-making and ignite your spirit of exploration with Outdoor Element's Pyro's Paradise Bundle – a collection tailored for those who understand the pivotal role fire plays in the art of survival.


Fire can make all the difference in a survival situation. Use it to warm yourself, signal for help, prepare a meal, or simply remain calm. Always be prepared with two means to start a fire. Should one fail, you can then turn to the backup source. Two is one, one is none. 

In this bundle, you'll receive three fire-starting tools as well as replacement ferro-rods for each. Click the links below to learn more about each item included in this bundle.

  1. Contour FeatherAdventure and Survival Knife: – Elevate your survival game with the contour feather, a cutting-edge companion designed for the toughest challenges. 
  2. Hex Fire-Steel Replacement Rods: 3pk of threaded ferro rods that easily attach to the sheath of the Contour Feather knife
  3. Fire Flute: Be safe, be warm, be loud, and be found with this all-in-one survival whistle, tinder vial, fire starter everyday carry gear
  4. XL Fire-Steel Replacement Rods: 2pk of XL threaded ferro rods for the Fire Flute
  5. Firebiner: Dominate the wilderness with the firebiner, our flagship fire-starting carabiner multitool that combines functionality with flair. (avail. in black) Comes with 2 replacement ferro rods

Embark on every adventure fully prepared with the Pyro's Paradise Bundle, offering three cutting-edge fire-starting tools and replacement ferro-rods for each. Be ready for any situation and enjoy the warmth of confidence in the great outdoors. 

Outdoor Element is your trusted partner for exploring the great outdoors, one adventure at a time. Get out and explore with confidence!