OE Gear Vids

Welcome to our gear video page! We try to put things in alphabetical order here according to product name. The goal of this page is to provide an overview and some gear detail along with some pro tips how to best utilize each product. For more information about each product, please refer to the individual product pages.


Charlotte’s Webbing:

Charlotte's Webbing Product Page

Contour Feather Overview:

Contour Feather Product Page

Contour Feather Features and Benefits:

Contour Feather Product Page

Ferro Rod Replacement:


Firebiner Overview:

Firebiner Product Page

Fire Escape Overview:

Fire Escape Product Page

Fire Escape in action:

Fire Escape Product Page

Fire Flute Overview:

Fire Flute Product Page

Folding Feather Overview:

Folding Feather Product Page

Handled How To:

Handled Product Page