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  • Race as an entrepreneur in America…Happy Indigenous People’s Day

    What is “race” in America to me? It’s not a skin color. In fact, it’s not a race; it’s a chase.  It’s chasing the American Dream. I want to share m...
  • Road Trips, Mt Adams, Pants, and Good Eats.

    If you find yourself on a solo multi day road trip, and you don’t have at least one hard cry, I think you might be doing it wrong. I had the opportunity to drive from south Denver to the base of Mt Rainier and back – that’s 40 hours or more to cover the 2,600+ miles round trip). I am grateful for an emotional ride. 
  • Hiking Thru Life Podcast - Outdoor Element with Mike Mojica

    Mike was a recent guest on the Hiking Thru Life podcast where he shared the story of Outdoor Element and the life of an entrepreneur. Go give it a ...
  • Magpies crushes it during the holidays

    Does a multitool carabiner belong in a craft store? Heck yeah, especially one as unique as the Firebiner or Fire Escape! Here is a fun story to pro...
  • Business, Politics, and Religion – 301 Punitive Tariffs

    As a society, we have dehumanized China ...we hate them. We hear that they are evil. I have listened to this from both sides of the political spectrum. I have heard it from mainstream media. Talk about #stopAsianhate. It saddens me. Truth is, China is filled with over a billion people -- people with families, daughters, sons, and grandparents. I know and work with a few of these people. They treat me like family. Are there evil people in China? Does China have political ideology that I don’t subscribe to? Yes. Now let’s look at the beam in our American eye. Does evil exist here? Are their political divides in America? Yes. Why have we demonized all of China?

  • 10 Essentials of Hiking

    Do you even worry about the 10 essentials? At what point do you consider packing a day pack for a quick jaunt into woods? I am hosting a 47 second survey and would love for you to share your honest thoughts/responses to these questions.
  • My First Winter 14er: Quandary Peak

    1 January 2021

    It was the perfect winter day for a 14er. The high was 12 degrees, but there was zero wind the majority of the time. The radiant energy of the sun made it very comfortable on the summit. This is my story, my first winter 14er. I will share my experience, my insights, and my follies. I hope you can glean from my journey. 

  • OE Joe & his Boys - Legacy of Eagle Scouts

    As a youth I was very much involved with the Boy Scouts. I loved going on campouts, working on all sorts of varied challenges, and hanging with the...
  • Phoenix Talon Becomes Official Knife of Beyond the Hunt!

    About 2 years ago we bumped into Rick and Julie from Beyond the Hunt at the Outdoor Retailer Show. You meet the best people at events like this. I ...
  • Father's Day Gift Guide - Fire Escape

    With Father's Day right around the corner on June 21, go and get dad a gift that he's sure to enjoy. Head on over to check out thei...
  • Meet Colleen

    Meet Colleen Rue, OE Ambassador, overall awesome-sauce, American entrepreneur superstar
  • My Camp Kitchen and Those Fuel Canisters

    My camp kitchen typically involves an MSR Pocket Rocket, a fuel canister, and a pot for boiling water- for my Mountain House, freeze-dried me...