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  • How to Safely Dispose of Used Camping Fuel Canisters

    image courtesy of Dad Gear Review

    Handled™️ by Outdoor Element is the answer! Click below to learn more and check out the informative blog recently posted by Dad Gear Review.

  • 4 Things I'm Grateful for as an Entrepreneur

    I quit my 9-5 in late 2017 to be all in on pursuing my American Dream – growing Outdoor Element. I knew going in the hill ahead would be a steep and risky climb.

    What I didn’t realize is how much I’d love this journey. Struggles and all.

    Reflecting on the past year, I’ve compiled a list of 4 things I’m grateful for as an entrepreneur.

  • How to Make a Campfire According to an Expert

    Outdoor Element's own, Joe Brown, is featured in a recent blog post by Dad Gear Review. Check out his advice on how to make a campfire. 
  • Outdoor Element’s 10th Patent Awarded, Solving the Recycling Problem of Camping Fuel Canisters. Get Your Camp Kitchen Handled™️!

    As we know, camping is awesome. Burning hands around the camp kitchen and not knowing how to properly manage used fuel canisters is not awesome. Outdoor Element developed a multitool solution for both problems. We call it Handled™️. And in June 2022, our utility patent for Handled™️ was granted by the USPTO!
  • Bike vs Bull: Life Lessons while Running with Mom

    One of my favorite mom memories is from when I was eight years old, while our family was stationed in Germany.

    Mom took me out for a daily run. She was running, and I was riding my trusted 32-inch red BMX bike. We passed all of the cornfields and ran into the forest. It was a nice sunny day, and the forest had a nice canopy so little rays of light were piercing through the trees every few feet.

    To the left, about 50 yards, was an open pasture and a few head of cattle and one ginormous bull named Fu Man Chu (at least that’s what I call him today). He must have caught a glimpse of my red bike because....

  • How to be Family Adventure Ready

    I wish I could say I'm motivated to get my family outdoors for exercise, learning new skills or encouraging self-care (it is a little of all those things) but my biggest motivator is creating positive memories for my children. The ironic thing is that not all of our outdoor adventures actually end up creating a positive memory immediately.  Sometimes we end up with siblings fighting, someone getting hurt, or a discouraged parent due to the lack of cooperation.  BUT, that won’t ever stop me from trying (maybe to my children’s dismay). My intention and hope is that at least one of them has fun and at the same time we move our bodies, leave the screens behind, experience adventures or places we hadn’t before, and hopefully connect with each other, nature and our creator.  
  • Spring Forward by Looking Back: 11 Lessons Learned from my Camping Mistakes

    Spring is here and I’m itching to get outdoors. As I’m prepping my gear, I thought I’d share some common mistakes from my past in hopes of helping you get outdoors to explore with confidence.
  • Near Zero

    I decided to do a test.

    Test setup and givens: As a reminder, I am located near Denver (5280 ft elevation). I used the same fuel (Jetboil), same aluminum canister/pot (by Outdoor Element), and the same amount of water (2 cups ...generally the amount used for any dehydrated meal). It's hard to judge if I set the throttle to the same amount but I tried. I timed the event to measure how fast each stove would boil the same amount of water.

    I am completely impressed with the Near Zero Mini Camping Stove!

  • Race as an entrepreneur in America…Happy Indigenous People’s Day

    What is “race” in America to me? It’s not a skin color. In fact, it’s not a race; it’s a chase.  It’s chasing the American Dream. I want to share m...
  • Road Trips, Mt Adams, Pants, and Good Eats.

    If you find yourself on a solo multi day road trip, and you don’t have at least one hard cry, I think you might be doing it wrong. I had the opportunity to drive from south Denver to the base of Mt Rainier and back – that’s 40 hours or more to cover the 2,600+ miles round trip). I am grateful for an emotional ride. 
  • Hiking Thru Life Podcast - Outdoor Element with Mike Mojica

    Mike was a recent guest on the Hiking Thru Life podcast where he shared the story of Outdoor Element and the life of an entrepreneur. Go give it a ...
  • Magpies crushes it during the holidays

    Does a multitool carabiner belong in a craft store? Heck yeah, especially one as unique as the Firebiner or Fire Escape! Here is a fun story to pro...