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Spark confident outdoor adventure through innovative gear.


Provide Outdoor Element gear for every outdoor enthusiast and novice, resulting in epic adventures and opportunity for "big fish" storytelling by all. 

Value Statement:

Inspire everyone to explore, respect, and protect our natural open spaces by providing superior service, and high quality, innovative gear that sparks confidence to enjoy God’s vast creations.

OE Values

Knowing where you're going is essential in adventuring outdoors and in business. At Outdoor Element, our core values serve as the compass for our journey:

  1. Innovative Gear: We are a small, Colorado based company, sparking confident outdoor adventure through innovative gear. Our small but passionate team delivers precision-crafted gear that fosters confidence in your outdoor adventures. With our products, you can focus on the thrill of your journey, knowing you're equipped with reliable tools.

  2. Entrepreneurial Support: We celebrate and support small businesses, creating a network of outdoor solutions. We also feel it’s important to celebrate and recognize others creating some innovation in our space. For this reason we have an Entrepreneurial Support page. When small helps small, it makes big! By choosing us, you're not only enhancing your exploration but also contributing to a community that values innovation.

  3. Community Outreach: We proudly partner with various agencies to preserve our cherished outdoor spaces. This year, we are proud to be a non-profit partner with Wander Project. You can learn more about our partnership hereWe also foster volunteerism in our neighborhoods and communities. We have the pleasure to be part of a local high school cross country sponsorship program. I posted about it recently here. When you choose us, you're contributing to the sustainability of our lands and the enrichment of our local communities, ensuring that future generations can continue to experience the beauty and adventure of the great outdoors. If you have an awesome cause related to the great outdoors and would like to collaborate, feel free to reach out. We can’t say yes to everyone, but we like to give back where possible.

Our values are not just words; they're the compass guiding our every move. Choose us, embrace our values, and set your course for unforgettable adventures.

Meet Mike

Outdoor Element Founder, Michael Mojica

Mike Mojica, one of the founders of OE, is a mechanical engineer who spent most of his time in aerospace and military vehicle mods. Mojica loved what he was doing, but with a passion for outdoors and design the entrepreneur in him broke free as he decided to leave his 8-5 in late 2017.

With a leap of faith and the burning American Dream in his soul, he set out determined to deliver unique, novel gear that enhances every outdoor adventure.

Meet Joe

Outdoor Element co-founder, Joe Brown

Joe Brown joined Mojica as a partner in 2015. Joe also has a deep love of the outdoors. At OE, he  oversees supply chain and operations. 

Joe has helped take the dream and make it a reality in growing Outdoor Element.

OE Gear

You may find a common theme with much of our gear. As a proud part of the Pueblo Nation, Laguna Tribe, Mike's native American name is “Bodaway” which means “Fire Maker.”

Making a fire can be the difference between life and death. When considering the means to start a fire, two is one and one is none. Meaning, we should always carry least two ways to create fire so if one should fail, there is still a solution available.

Our hope is that you become familiar with our gear, and also become proficient using it so should you find yourself in a pickle, you will be confident with your skills and the gear in your pack. So get outdoors and explore with confidence with gear by Outdoor Element!

Thank you for supporting small business. Now go get outdoors and explore with confidence!

Outdoor Element founder, Michael Mojica loves to Explore with Confidence


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