Outdoor Element News

  • VoyageDenver Magazine Highlights Outdoor Element

    VoyageDenver Magazine goes behind the scenes with Outdoor Element and owner, Mike Mojica. Go and check it out here.
  • OE Founder in the Spotlight

    Mojica was highlighted by Texas State Technical College in the following Alumni Spotlight.  
  • Globo Surf Review

    Check out the review of the Firebiner from Globo Surf at the link below: https://www.globosurfer.com/firebiner-fire-starting-multi-tool-every...
  • Capitalist.io covers Outdoor Element and Fire Escape Campaign

    Capitalist.io interviewed our very own, Mike Mojica, revealing Outdoor Element's backstory and its most recent successful Kickstarter campaign for...
  • Business Den - Fire Escape

    Business Den covered the recent successful Kickstarter campaign for the Fire Escape. Check out the full article here. Englewood resident Mike M...
  • Hillsboro Reporter Highlights Mojica

    Mojica was highlighted in his hometown's local newspaper. Go and check out the article by the Hillsboro Reporter.
  • Appalachian Mtn Club - Firebiner Review

    The Appalachian Mtn Club's website is no longer accessible, but the review was pretty cool. :) (updated 8/4/20) **As a note, the Firebiner ...
  • Firebiner - One of Lonely Planet's Best Travel Gifts

    The Firebiner made it to Lonely Planet's list of "The best travel gifts for outdoor enthusiasts in 2019." Go and check it out here.
  • Matador Network Firebiner Review

    Go and check out the article from the Matador network, tabbing the Firebiner as one of the most game-changing outdoor accessories of the year.
  • Fleamarket Zone Outdoor Element Article

    Check out the latest article by Krystina Morgan, regarding Outdoor Element and the Firebiner at Fleamarket Zone's website.
  • Colorado Outdoor Adventure Blog

    Check out the following post featuring Outdoor Element from the Colorado Outdoor Adventure Blog:    
  • Business Den Review

    Go and check out this article by BusinessDen covering Outdoor Element and the Firebiner.