Outdoor Element Launches Hugely Successful Kickstarter Campaign with Two Innovative Fixed Blades

Flicker Feather & Scout Feather on Kickstarter

Less than 2 hours after launching our two newest fixed blade knives on Kickstarter, our $6,500 goal was fully funded. And it hasn't slowed since. In under two days, the first stretch goal of $30,000 was met. Ten days after launching, the second stretch goal of $50,000 was met. (Each stretch goal unlocks additional features or product available post-campaign.)

At any moment now (it's Feb 23rd), the campaign is poised to reach 2000% funded! And there's still 12 days to go!!

Flicker Feather, a true chisel tool, and Scout Feather, the drop point sabre grind blade, are soaring to new heights on Kickstarter because these innovative knives do so much more than cut. They provide every outdoor enthusiast with the essentials for adventure - Cut, Combustion, Sharpen & Signal.

Flicker Feather & Scout Feather provide essentials for adventure: cut, combustion, sharpen, signal


We couldn't be happier with the reception these knives continue to receive on Kickstarter, by influencers and in the press. We didn't pay for the press, or any of these reviews or commentary. They're simply authentic enthusiasm for these innovative knives.


Read what Patrick Diedrich wrote in Recoil Offgrid Magazine
Recoil Offgrid Magazine writes about Flicker & Scout


Watch Dominic of Maxlvledc talk about Scout Feather and more OE gear:

Dominic of Maxlvledc talks about Flicker and Scout

View Michael Emler of Crazy Sharp as he shares Scout Feather & Flicker Feather others:

Michael Emler of Crazy Sharp talks about Flicker & Scout Feather


Jamie Boggs of Burning River Bushcraft takes a deep dive into each benefit of Flicker & Scout:

Jamie Boggs of Burning River Bushcraft talks Flicker & Scout Feather

We love how @thewimpycamper showcases her love of Scout Feather: 

@thewimpycamper showcases scout feather

And more posts, articles and videos roll in each day. 

Flicker Feather & Scout Feather are available for preorder now on Kickstarter.




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