Outdoor Element featured in Max LVL EDC's New Gear of the Week

Fire Escape, Flicker, Scout and Field Feather all featured in Maxlvledc's Gear of the Week


What an awesome way to kick off the year! We don't shell out cash for shoutouts like this – it's all genuine and truly means a lot to us! Big shoutout to Maxlvledc for highlighting three of our knives (Scout, Flicker, and Field Feather) along with the Fire Escape in the latest edition of New Gear of the Week! He dives into OE around the 2:32 mark, but honestly, you should give the whole video a watch. He features some fantastic gear from some top-notch brands!

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Fire Escape, Flicker Feather, Scout Feather and Field Feather in Maxlvledc Gear of the Week

We are so grateful Maxlvledc took the time to dive into so many of the benefits of these items.

You can lock-in best pricing for Scout Feather and Flicker Feather before they launch on Kickstarter in just a few short days.  Field Feather and Fire Escape are available now. 

Big thanks to Maxlvledc for the fantastic shout-out and for spreading the word about our gear with your followers!

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