Outdoor Element's Fire Flute in Recoil Magazine Gear Up Section

Fire Flute by Outdoor Element appears in Recoil Offgrid Magazine
Given all it can do for the little size, it's no wonder Fire Flute made it into another issue of Recoil Offgrid Magazine's feature writeups. You can purchase the the printed December 2023 issue 59 as well as check out the article on their website www.offgridweb.com.  And of course, we recommend you follow Recoil OffGrid Magazine on facebook and instagram.


Below is a peek at the printed Gear Up section in issue 59 that tells more about Fire Flute and other great gear. 


Fire Flute by Outdoor Element in Recoil Offgrid Magazine
Recoil Offgrid Magazine
Thank you, Patrick Diedrich, and Recoil Offgrid for the wonderful write-up!

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