Outdoor Element's Omni-tensil in Recoil Offgrid Magazine

Omni-tensil in the spotlight in Recoil Offgrid Magazine


Recoil Offgrid Magazine features a select few pieces of next-level gear in their monthly "Gear Up" section. We are so honored to make the list multiple times, each with a different piece of OE gear.

In this month's issue, they showcase Omni-tensil, the all-in-one dining utensil & roll pouch providing a spoon, fork, chopsticks and toothbrush that connect to steel tubes that double as a mini bellows when connected to the included silicone sleeve. Ever eco-conscious, the roll towel is made of recycled plastics and serves dual purpose as both the utensil pouch and as a wash towel.

Omni-tensil by Outdoor Element


BTW, also featured is Flip Fuel's Fuel Transfer Device. We love this little tool so much we chose to sell it on our site! Be sure to browse all the ground breaking gear featured in Gear Up. When we see innovation, we want to share it with our community!


Flip Fuel sold by Outdoor Element


Traveling light and sustainably inspired the origin of Omni-tensil. This all-in-one dining utensil roll pouch system comes in at only 3.3 ounces. Customize the weight by bringing only the necessary untensils for your adventure.

Whatever utensils you choose to carry in your Omni-tensil, you're making the eco-conscious decision to eliminate the need for single use plastics when backpacking, RV'ing or simply having a meal away from home by using Omni-tensil.

Many thanks to Patrick Diedrich and Recoil Offgrid Magazine for sharing Omni-tensil and other great OE gear with their subscribers. Be sure to subscribe so you're always in the know of innovative gear for your outdoor adventures! 





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