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  • It Takes a Community

    Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of a small business? You'll see struggle, strength, creativity, and grind. Chasing the dream isn't for the faint of heart.

    My dream is to help everyone explore the outdoors with confidence. The OE mission statement sums it up…”Sparking confident adventure through innovative gear.” Developing innovative gear is a passion of mine. Running a business also requires marketing, logistics, and fulfillment to get the word out and get product in your hands. It takes a lot of hats to run a business.

    Critical opinions are sought after. Mentors and collaborators are treasured. The Campfire Co-Op Demo Days hosted by Georgia Bushcraft provided both in one place.

  • Near Zero

    I decided to do a test.

    Test setup and givens: As a reminder, I am located near Denver (5280 ft elevation). I used the same fuel (Jetboil), same aluminum canister/pot (by Outdoor Element), and the same amount of water (2 cups ...generally the amount used for any dehydrated meal). It's hard to judge if I set the throttle to the same amount but I tried. I timed the event to measure how fast each stove would boil the same amount of water.

    I am completely impressed with the Near Zero Mini Camping Stove!