How to Safely Dispose of Used Camping Fuel Canisters

Spoiler alert...Handled™️ by Outdoor Element is the answer! Check out the informative blog and awesome review in "How to Safely Dispose of Used Camping Fuel Canisters" recently posted by Dad Gear Review.

Handled serves two purposes. It is both a sturdy pot gripper as well as a fuel canister recycle tool. And yes, it fits also fits large canisters when used with the brass adaptor.  

Shop Handled. Stop burning your hands and recycle that dangerous stash of empty canisters.

Get your camp kitchen Handled and explore with confidence with Outdoor Element!

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  • Hmmm… I bought a good scale, and I simply refill my empty canisters with a 75/25 mix of Butane and Propane. You have to weigh it all CAREFULLY, but refilling is way better for the environment than tossing them. Once you get the hang of it, you can save tons of money and buy a second Phoenix Feather for your other backpack. I LOVE that knife…!!!

    Ron G.

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