Hunter's Dream Bundle

Hunter's Dream Bundle

Outdoor Element
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Capture the thrill of the hunt with the Hunter's Dream Bundle by Outdoor Element – each piece is meticulously crafted for peak performance in the great outdoors.


This curated bundle is designed with the hunter in mind. Field dress and preserve your prized animal with our specialty knives engineered for clean & confident work in the wild.

In this bundle, you'll receive a Fire Escape, Field Feather, and both of the Phoenix hunting knives. Click the links to learn more about each item included in this bundle.

  1. Fire Escape: Confidently explore anywhere with the fire-starting multi-tool carabiner, inspired by first-responders (avail. in black)
  2. Field Feather: Safely cut around eyes and antlers using this one-of-a-kind, folding, replaceable blade caping knife. Bonus it also sparks fire
  3. Phoenix Talon: This first in its class survival and hunting knife with a replaceable gut hook and so much more, is the official blade of BEYOND THE HUNT. 
  4. Phoenix Feather: Pair this caping blade with the Phoenix Talon for the ultimate hunting duo. The sheaths connect in multiple configurations for your desired carry style. 

Seize the thrill of the hunt with the Hunter's Dream Bundle, designed to empower every hunting and outdoor enthusiast.

Outdoor Element is your trusted partner for exploring the great outdoors, one adventure at a time. Get out and explore with confidence!