Outdoor Element's Quick Feather in Holiday Gift Guide

Quick Feather by Outdoor Element in Camping Gift Guide by Wide Open Spaces


Quick Feather, the fire-starting pocket knife by Outdoor Element, is sure to be a welcomed gift by all outdoorsy friends and family this holiday season. We're thrilled to be included with some remarkable brands in the 2023 Camping Gift Guide by Wide Open Spaces. 

One of our newest knives, Quick Feather is designed with the smoothest flip open. This folding knife is razor sharp and thanks to the custom designed tri-serration it is able to saw through super tough materials. Use the 90-degree edge on the spine to spark fires. Pairs well with our Fire Flute. Get the most out of your everyday carry and be prepared for any adventure. Explore with Confidence!

Big thanks to Wide Open Spaces for including Quick Feather in the 2023 Camping Gift Guide! 

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