Outdoor Element's Contour Feather Knife gets 3pg write up in Swedish Magazine VapenTidningen

Imagine our excitement upon seeing Contour Feather featured in a 3 page review in the Swedish weapons magazine VapenTidningen, #3 2023 issue. Yep, 3 pages! The review praises the innovative, multitool functionality and sleek design of Contour Feather. 
Outdoor Element's Contour Feather in Swedish Magazine Review  OE Contour Feather receives high praise in Swedish Magazine
images courtesy of Jonas Landolsi of Edge Tools


I don't speak Swedish, but I know a great review when I see one! So grateful for the Swedish Stamp of Approval! Thanks, VapenTidningen! And thank you Edge Tools for sharing this on Facebook!  

Learn more about Contour Feather Adventure Survival knife by Outdoor Element and get one for yourself here

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