Firebiner Included in List of 12 Must-Haves for EDC Survival Essentials

Firebiner continues to make lists for EDC essentials. Hi Consumption featured firebiner in their recently published article Bug Out: 12 Must-Haves for EDC Survival Essentials.


Firebiner in HiConsumption


Read the full article by HiConsumption Bug Out: 12 Must-Haves for EDC Survival Essentials

Firebiner features
Equiped with OE's patented EverSpark technology, Firebiner is the fire-starting carabiner that also includes a utility blade, bottle opener, a screwdriver tip and hang slots for keys -- truly upping the game for any standard EDC carabiner. 

Firebiner isn't the only multi-tool carabiner offered by Outdoor Element.  



Fire Escape features
Fire Escape is the first-responder inspired, "big brother" of firebiner with a beefier utility blade ideal for slicing through seatbelts and a tungsten carbide-tipped window breaker to aid in escaping a vehicle in case of an emergency. And of course it also includes OE's patented EverSpark technology & a bottle opener (similar to firebiner), as well as an oxygen wrench & hex wrench that double as key hang slots.  


View our full line of Multi-tool Carabiners including Firebiner and Fire Escape and their Specialty Versions custom etched with the names of select states and US National Parks you may love.  


Specialty Versions of Firebiner

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