Grim Sportsmans Micro Tool Bundle
Grim Sportsmans Micro Tool Bundle
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Sportsman's Micro Tool Bundle by Grim Workshop

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Grim's Sportsman's Micro Tool Bundle contains three of their different micro tools. All three tools can be carried in one small sleeve which keeps everything organized and quiet. Any removeable parts can be put back into their original position to be reused with their custom-made tool retention system. These tools are perfect for keychains, backpacks, even necklaces. This bundle contains our Fishing Hook Tool, Needle Tool, and Spool Tool. The Spool is especially useful to wind fishing line, snare wire, tape, or any combination of these onto it for an easy concealed way to carry cordage, and other such materials on a keychain or backpack. MADE IN USA.

This bundle contains:

  • Fishing Hooks x2
  • Needles x3
  • Spool x1
  • Small bundle clip x1
  • Grim logo sheath x1
Made in the USA- This tool was designed, produced manufactured, and had its materials sourced here in the U.S.A
Micro Tool Size- under 1mm thick about the same size as a large paper clip
Stainless steel- highly corrosion resistant surgical grade Hardened stainless steel, Tough and functional.
Tool retention system- one side (black) allows semi permanent adhesion allowing tools to be removed, and used again and again, then put back. Non Magnetic non sticky. The other side (white) has a permanent adhesive allowing you to stick your tool kits to other objects allowing for unparalleled accessibility.