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Flicker Feather: EDC Chisel Blade

The Northern Flicker is a woodpecker species found in North America. Their chisel beaks have been known to torment my dad's cabin in Eastern Texas. How's that for name inspiration? This little chisel blade cuts, sparks fire, sharpens and signals. Explore with confidence with Flicker Feather.

Scout Feather: EDC Drop Point Blade

A scout is prepared; a scout knows the environment and loves the outdoors. Confidence radiates from a scout. Welcome to the Scout Feather – the ideal tool in the quiver of preparedness. This small and mighty blade cuts, sparks fire, sharpens and signals so you can explore with confidence.

Flicker Feather

Scout Feather

Scout Feather Blade with Sheath on White Background

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Outdoor Element Flicker Feather Chisel Blade and Scout Feather Drop Point Blade on fallen tree