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  • Backpack Breakdown: An Incomplete Guide to Help You Stay Prepared for Anything

    written by OE Athlete Kora Heintz  I have a few rope-drops behind me as well as a few core shots and this season is shaping up to be a wild one a...
  • Our Favorite Under-the-Radar National Parks to Visit

    With Great American Outdoors Day right around the corner, it got me thinking about what National Park I should visit next. Never heard of Great A...
  • What does it mean to "Explore with Confidence?"

    'Explore with Confidence' is more than a tagline for Outdoor Element. It's  about believing in our untapped potential and conquering challenges. It's a mindset that empowers us to embrace the unknown, discover our true capabilities, and set out on epic adventures with unwavering self-assurance.

    In honor of Father's Day, I would like to share a snippet from my personal journey that showcases how my father instilled in me the unwavering belief that we're all capable of achieving remarkable feats and embracing the unknown.

  • The Brown Family's Havasu Falls Adventure 2023 by OE Partner, Joe Brown

    Voice outside the tent at 11:07 pm Thu night: Hello. Hello. Anyone in there? (am I dreaming of Pink Floyd?) 

    Us inside the tent: Yes (hesitantly, but thinking who the heck is waking us up in the middle of the night and why) 

    Voice outside the tent: We need you to pack up your camp and move to higher ground as soon as possible. 

    What? Really? How is this happening? We chose the “higher ground” for a reason. Adrenaline starts to surge…

  • How to Safely Dispose of Used Camping Fuel Canisters

    image courtesy of Dad Gear Review

    Handled™️ by Outdoor Element is the answer! Click below to learn more and check out the informative blog recently posted by Dad Gear Review.

  • 4 Things I'm Grateful for as an Entrepreneur

    I quit my 9-5 in late 2017 to be all in on pursuing my American Dream – growing Outdoor Element. I knew going in the hill ahead would be a steep and risky climb.

    What I didn’t realize is how much I’d love this journey. Struggles and all.

    Reflecting on the past year, I’ve compiled a list of 4 things I’m grateful for as an entrepreneur.

  • How to Make a Campfire According to an Expert

    Outdoor Element's own, Joe Brown, is featured in a recent blog post by Dad Gear Review. Check out his advice on how to make a campfire. 
  • How to be Family Adventure Ready

    I wish I could say I'm motivated to get my family outdoors for exercise, learning new skills or encouraging self-care (it is a little of all those things) but my biggest motivator is creating positive memories for my children. The ironic thing is that not all of our outdoor adventures actually end up creating a positive memory immediately.  Sometimes we end up with siblings fighting, someone getting hurt, or a discouraged parent due to the lack of cooperation.  BUT, that won’t ever stop me from trying (maybe to my children’s dismay). My intention and hope is that at least one of them has fun and at the same time we move our bodies, leave the screens behind, experience adventures or places we hadn’t before, and hopefully connect with each other, nature and our creator.  
  • Spring Forward by Looking Back: 11 Lessons Learned from my Camping Mistakes

    Spring is here and I’m itching to get outdoors. As I’m prepping my gear, I thought I’d share some common mistakes from my past in hopes of helping you get outdoors to explore with confidence.
  • Hiking Thru Life Podcast - Outdoor Element with Mike Mojica

    Mike was a recent guest on the Hiking Thru Life podcast where he shared the story of Outdoor Element and the life of an entrepreneur. Go give it a ...
  • HuntingLife.com Father's Day Gift Guide - Fire Escape

    With Father's Day right around the corner on June 21, go and get dad a gift that he's sure to enjoy. Head on over HuntingLife.com to check out thei...
  • Meet Colleen

    Meet Colleen Rue, OE Ambassador, overall awesome-sauce, American entrepreneur superstar