Introducing the Phoenix Talon

The Phoenix Talon is a D2 steel hunting-survival knife.

You know who you wake up before the birds are singing and hike/scout/track/trek all day and 10 min before sunset, you fill your tag. You have 10 minutes of light and still need to field dress, plus pack out 160 pounds of meat for your family. Your truck is a solid 6 miles hike in pitch black. ...albeit your adrenaline is at an all-time high you know in 30 min you'll be getting the case of the hangry's. You pull out your trusty pocket rocket camp stove but can't find any matches. ...The Phoenix Talon has your back. Trust it for field dressing, trust it to get your stove lit. Explore with confidence. D2 Steel, skinning blade, comfort thumb grip hole, replaceable gut hook, full meaty extended tang, G10 scales, survival pocket, get outdoors and bring home the meat survival blade.

We launched this product on Kickstarter and were blessed to have some awesome supported who joined us on this journey. Much respect and gratitude for those of you who dare to support startup companies.

After talking with numerous outdoorsmen it became obvious that there was a need and high demand for a trusted blade in the great outdoors. Mojica sat down with our good friend Doug, an avid and well respected hunter. He brought over 16 different knives and said, "I like all of these, make me a better one." He had different features he liked about each one and wanted us to see what we could do. We took copious notes for the ultimate hunting survival blade. So we worked on it for over a year and a half...and built one. Well, we actually built two with all the right curves in all the right places.

Phoenix Talon and Feather on transparent background
Doug field testing

While in the the backcountry, hunters may find themselves on long hikes as they track and pack out - many times those long hikes turn into long nights. And sometimes it becomes essential to get a fire going. In mountaineering courses we learn that "two is one, and one is none" in terms of fire making implements. We should always have at least two ways to make fire. In times of emergency, fire can be a game changer. Stay warm, be seen, be found.

Thus, we integrated our EverSpark Fire wheel into the handle of the Phoenix Talon (patent pending). From lighting your camp stoves to starting emergency fires, this feature will become a great asset in time of need.

GIF of Knife in action

We've all done it. As you're setting up your tent and staking it down you realize the ground is a little tougher than you thought. You go for the classic "heel of your boot and pound" technique. The problem is, as you stand on it, or kick it, you end up bending the stake! You need a hammer. That's when you reach to your side and pull out your trusted knife. You know it's not the best idea but you do it anyway. Well, what if it wasn't such a bad idea to reach for your knife when what you really want is a hammer? We designed a meaty tang (5/32" thick!) and extended it past the handle for that very reason. So, when a hammer is needed but none is found, you'll walk away a hero with your Phoenix Talon in hand.

These blades have been field tested and they are ready for any adventure.

Field tested blade

It started and ended with balance. When you hold it, you can't help but smile at how well this knife is balanced and feels in your hand. We placed the center of gravity just before the guard to increase control and comfort, and to decrease fatigue. Those smooth, filleted holes ain’t just for looks either. They not only lighten the weight and finesse the center of gravity, but also allow for a solid grip and greater control even when your hands might be a little messy. We softened those edges around the lightening holes to avoid uncomfortable, damaging, sharp edges. Go ahead and run some paracord thru those holes without fear of intense chaffing. Yup, we put some thought into this design and are thrilled with how it turned out.

Knife being balanced

The 1/4" hex hole in the Phoenix Feather can be used with a standard #1 Phillips hex driver for gut hook replacement and anytime you need leverage while turning a screw bit and don't happen to have your tool set with you.

Hex hole image

The gut hook, with its replaceable (patent pending) surgical steel blade, can be used for many things. Mojica used it to go thru some tough custom OE paracord ...6 times in 30 seconds. (OE Survival Paracord contains 7 standard strands of nylon for 550 pounds of tensile strength, 2 lines of braided fishing line, and one line of jute - great fire tinder- all wrapped up in a very strong nylon sheath)

We were also asked how does it hold up to some batoning action. We took it for a test drive and it help up fine:

Each knife is great as a stand-alone tool but are even better together. The Phoenix Feather, with its convenient flat head screwdriver tip at the end of the handle, compliments the Talon and can be used to open the G-10 handle. And, we won't be offended if you use it as a pry tool to get those pesky beverage tabs up.

Handle image

When designing the Phoenix Talon, we chose flat-head screws for the G-10 handle for ease of use. The striker plate on our Kodiak Survival Braid or the Woolly Mammoth Survival Bracelet can also double as a screwdriver for the handle screws.

Flat-head screw image

The handle can easily be removed from the Phoenix Talon's tang to access the inside storage and to make cleaning the knife that much easier. The inner pocket of the Talon is conveniently sized to hold a replacement gut hook blade and a couple of TinderQuiks or it can be outfitted with our Go Prepared Survival (GPS) collaboration of the Talon Handle Survival Kit...but it's okay to get creative here and customize the contents as you desire.

Inside the handle

We gave Go Prepared Survival (GPS) a challenge to develop a miniature essentials kit for the handle compartment of our new Phoenix Talon knife. Nailed it! They met the challenge! The Talon Handle Kit they developed includes an Eagle Claw bronze #6 bait holder hook, Eagle Claw split-shot sinker 3/0, Kevlar™ 45 lb. test thread (can double as fishing line), sewing needle, button compass, and 2 Spartan Fire EDC Multi-Use Tinder. Spartan Fire's also lubricate and protect blades and can act as a repair patch using the needle and thread. Oh yeah, the Spartan Fire Strip is also waterproof tinder! ...that happens to also fit great in your wallet! To learn more about the Spartan Fire Strips check out the GPS site.

Go Prepared Survival handle kit

Go Prepared Survival (GPS) is a company with a background in fire, EMS and military services. Their main focus is “our Customers, our Country and providing the best gear for a fair price. Specializing in American made, high quality outdoor products for military and civilian use. Worldwide Distributor for Defense Contractor, Speedhook Specialist Inc.” Feel free to check them out at

Long live American entrepreneurship!

We let GPS "handle" the Phoenix Talon (to create the custom Talon Handle Kit)…this was Sam's first impressions about the knife:

"I received a prototype of the new Phoenix Talon from Outdoor Element last week. They asked us to build a custom kit for the handle compartment of the knife.

As an avid knife collector, I have a working knowledge of how a fix blade knife should perform in the field. My initial impressions of the knife were mixed as the blade profile was unique to say the least. I first grabbed a stick of hardened fat wood and attempted to choke up on the knife using the nicely provided jimping on the top of the blade. The rear straight edge of the blade carved fine shavings and preformed flawlessly. The knife was comfortable in the hand while making feather sticks. Next, I began to baton through a quarter inch piece of oak with zero issues. The removable gut hook that protrudes from the tip of the blade glides through 550 cord effortlessly saving your primary edge for other tasks.

Unfortunately, my prototype did not have the spark wheel. In my opinion, having a sparking device integrated into a fixed blade knife is a game changer. In addition to the sparking wheel the Talon also offers storage for tinder and other small items. I was able to store a button compass, Kevlar thread, sewing needle, fish hook, sinker and a Spartan Fire strip multi-use tinder with ease in the handle compartment.

The combination of blades, striker and the ability to stow navigation, food procurement items, repair/fishing cordage with waterproof tinder earns this compact knife an exceptional rating."

Sam Howell
Go Prepared Survival

More Field Testing!

Here is some of our OE team enjoying a moment during field testing after using the EverSpark wheel to start a cooking fire and using the Phoenix Feather as a very capable steak knife.

By the way, the steak was a perfect medium rare. Go Mojica!


The Phoenix Feather will quickly become your favorite sidekick from caping around all of those tight areas to dinner time and apples.

Steak image
Apple image

The Phoenix Talon and Feather set are the perfect complement for all hunting adventures. They both have their own perfectly fitted Kydex sheaths that are modular and designed to be carried alone or together. Check it out in the technical data below.

Phoenix Talon and Feather in sheath

The Phoenix Talon sheath has an integrated sharpening plate for those field refining moments.

Dimensions and specs for Phoenix Talon:

Dimensions image
Dimensions second image
  • Material: D2 (HRC 61-62) Hold an edge and not a complete beast to sharpen.
  • Considering VG-10 as a small production run (100 units-150) for a stretch Goal
  • Blade Thickness: .158” (about 5/32") …meaty!
  • Weight: 7.7 oz
  • Full fixed tang: Extend tang can be used like a hammer (for tent stakes)
  • Fillets in holes: for hand/finger comfort and to prevent slipping or cord chaffing
  • Replaceable 420 Surgical SS field dressing gut hooks
  • G-10 handle, removable for cleaning and to expose storage pocket
  • EverSpark Wheel to create fire
  • Main Use: Gutting, Skinning & Survival

Rockwell Hardness Testing
The knives average between 61 and 62 (HRC). This is always a fine line to walk. Do you make it crazy hard so the you never lose your edge...but then suffer it becoming too brittle...and it also becomes a beast to put an edge back on? Do you make it simple to resharpen? ...then risk having it too soft and it's constantly losing an edge? We found a good blade in the lower 60's offered the best of both worlds; not brittle, great for longer tasks, and you won't have to take a day off work to get that edge back on.

Hardness Testing
Hardness testing continued

Phoenix Talon Sheath

  • Material: Kydex
  • Weight with knife: 10 oz
  • Integrated diamond sharpening plate
  • Weep hole
  • Provisions to combine knife set
  • Removable, multi-position belt clip

Dimensions and specs for Phoenix Feather:

  • Material: D2 (HRC 61-62)
  • Considering VG-10 for Stretch Goal
  • Blade Thickness: .098”
  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Full fixed tang Provisions to be wrapped in cordage
  • ¼” hex driver for standard hex bits
  • Aft end ground down to be used like a screwdriver or pry
  • Main Use: Caping

Phoenix Feather Sheath

  • Material: Kydex
  • Weight with knife: 2.2 oz
  • Weep hole

1.5 years of R&D

We took our time because we wanted to get it right. Doug is an avid hunter and helps run a YouTube Channel for Epic Mountain Hunter. He is one of the most responsible hunters we know. Any excess pack out is donated to the local area. He has spent his days in the mountains literally "bringing home the bacon" as he has provided for his family. Doug met with Mojica over several months and explained what he loved, hated, and wished for in a basic hunting knife. He also shared a couple of mishaps that caused him and/or a friend to have some unplanned nights in the mountains...hence the need to integrate some survival features. Doug used several prototype iterations and gave plenty of feedback. Yup, there were a few screw ups, but that's why you field test your prototypes! We feel we have come up with a very functional design and are ready for production.

...Doug can be a real mountain goat!

Doug on the mountain

We did not stop with a seasoned mountain dweller. We also reached out to a third-party engineer to consult with ergonomics and balance.

Eric Luke: Consultant-Mechanical Engineer-Knife Handler-Outdoorsman-Martial Artist Extraordinaire

Eric is a smart dude...on his off days he enjoys skiing, surfing, climbing, hiking, SCUBA diving, and shooting. For his traditional 8-5 he deals with rotorcraft mass property for one of those fancy helicopter shops. Again, he’s a smart dude.

Eric understands the discipline of martial arts. He has a couple years of training in Kung Fu San Soo in his college days. He’s currently an apprentice Instructor at Warriors Way Martial Arts (training since 2007). During this time he studied Jun Fan Gung Fu (Jun Fan is the base art for Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do), Indonesian Silat, Muay Thai, and Kali (Filipino Martial arts specializing in edged weapons).

Since Eric is trusted with helicopter rotor blades and spends a lot of time studying knife handling techniques, he was a great adviser in this design. He offered in depth feedback on proper center of gravity and ergonomics when it comes to blades. …his insight was invaluable. Thank you sir!

Honorable Mention: Eric is also a licensed EMT with plans on becoming a Wilderness Certified EMT … 'cause that’s what awesome people do.


Received and once again a happy backer, always will support!!! Thank you again.

M. Gentz

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I received the large binding barrel replacement. Thanks so very much for the excellent customer service! I took the knife set on a camping trip this weekend and the knives performed flawlessly!

M. Wood

Love my Phoenix Talon! Thanks for all the good updates and keeping us in the loop. It’s great quality and look forward to using it on my adventures.

M. Jacquez

Just Received my talon and feather “let’s go crazy” set up……..,,it’s incredible I can’t believe the quality and the variety of everything in my order. I’m ready to try everything out. I have to thank both of you for everything you did. Consider me a lifelong customer and you really exceeded all my expectations. I will tell everyone I know how happy I am. Please don’t stop your creative talent. Thank you!!!!!

R. Nichols

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  • I just received my Phoenix Talon through a Battlbox subscription. It looks like an amazing knife, however I was disappointed that my everspark wheel does not appear to be working. It just spins freely and does not appear to have any friction/resistance to create a spark.

    jered heigh

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