Phoenix Talon Becomes Official Knife of Beyond the Hunt!

About 2 years ago we bumped into Rick and Julie from Beyond the Hunt at the Outdoor Retailer Show. You meet the best people at events like this. I had a couple of prototypes of our knives; Rick walked over to our booth and asked if he could take a peek. He found them interesting and asked us to keep in touch.

Once we had production samples in hand, we shipped a set to Rick and Julie to play around with. A few months later, Rick sent us a pic and message that stated, “you have a winner.” Underneath my brown skin, I was blushing with excitement. 

2020 marks Rick and Julie's 14th season with the Outdoor Channel. They started Beyond The Hunt to help grow a community of outdoor enthusiasts who care about the outdoor lifestyle and their hunting heritage. They wanted to build a community who understands that the experience goes BEYOND THE HUNT, and includes conservation, culture, respect for land and animal, personal growth and heritage. In a nutshell, these are awesome people through and through. Rick has personally visited my home and spent several hours with me. Rick is more than just a TV personality, I can honestly say, he is the salt of the earth. On a side note, Rick is also an entrepreneur and is filled with so many ideas. Needless to say, we are kindred spirits.  

Now let’s fast forward to today. Rick and Julie have asked that we make our Phoenix Talon Beyond The Hunt’s official hunting/survival blade! We are excited and honored to make it official. Our Phoenix Talon will now have their logo etched on the blade.  

In other exciting news, we have made a couple of tweaks to our sheath lowing the clip creating an ideal grip when re-sheathing the knife. In addition, with our utility patent still pending, our design patent was granted for the blade! We are excited to continue to bring innovation and collaboration to our outdoor community. To learn more about our full-tang D2 fire-starting blade, check out our blog here.

Written by: Mike Mojica
Founder and American Dreamer of OE

To learn more about Rick and Julie please visit their website here.
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