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  • Hi,
    I have three questions. I recently got your Kodak para bracelet. I like it a lot. I am 54 years old. Been through a lot of survival equip and training. And no matter how dumb it sounds, having a way to make fire fast and always on your body is very rewarding when you do need it up here in Buffalo NY. 1) do you pull on the yellow loop (that says Kodak) to unravel the paracord bracelet for say a tourniquet. If not where is place to start 2) is there a way to replace the ferro rod once it’s worn down. I try to use other tinder so I don’t destroy tinder.

    3) Have also ordered the wooly mammoth in medium (have 6.5 wrist). But this seems like a single use tool? Is there a way to tear or cut off some of the jute while the bracelet remains functional.
    Many thanks,
    Blue Kraning

    Blue Kraning

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