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  • Outdoor Element’s 10th Patent Awarded, Solving the Recycling Problem of Camping Fuel Canisters. Get Your Camp Kitchen Handled™️!

    As we know, camping is awesome. Burning hands around the camp kitchen and not knowing how to properly manage used fuel canisters is not awesome. Outdoor Element developed a multitool solution for both problems. We call it Handled™️. And in June 2022, our utility patent for Handled™️ was granted by the USPTO!
  • Near Zero

    I decided to do a test.

    Test setup and givens: As a reminder, I am located near Denver (5280 ft elevation). I used the same fuel (Jetboil), same aluminum canister/pot (by Outdoor Element), and the same amount of water (2 cups ...generally the amount used for any dehydrated meal). It's hard to judge if I set the throttle to the same amount but I tried. I timed the event to measure how fast each stove would boil the same amount of water.

    I am completely impressed with the Near Zero Mini Camping Stove!