Magpies crushes it during the holidays

Does a multitool carabiner belong in a craft store? Heck yeah, especially one as unique as the Firebiner or Fire Escape! Here is a fun story to prove it.

Magpies is a “heart studio” in beautiful Fort Collins, CO where you get a chance to say hello to your inner artist and create with your heART! It is owned and run by Amy Goodhart Koepsell.

Late Sep 2020 Amy found our Firebiner on The Grommet and we shipped her our Colorado custom-etched version. She loved it but could not predict what would happen next in her store.

In mid-Nov Amy sent us an urgent message requesting our PDQ display with more Firebiners before Thanksgiving. Two weeks later she sent a frantic message for 48 more to fill her empty display, even offering to drive down to pick them up. The next day Dec 11, as UPS was dropping off the parcel, she sold a couple firebiners even before the driver left the store. With 2 more orders over the next couple of weeks, Amy ended up selling over 130 units in about a month.

You may not normally think of a multitool carabiner as being a hot seller in an art and craft store, but we are very grateful that Amy gave the firebiner a chance and it outperformed her wildest expectations.

Happy Mother’s Day Amy!

Mike and Joe

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